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AWL Awards

At our Annual Meeting each September, the Association for Women Lawyers recognizes several individuals who have made a difference within the legal community and the community at large. AWL gives four awards which recognize these important contributions:

Mentoring Award
The Mentoring Award recognizes an attorney who has made an exceptional contribution to the life and career of a young attorney and/or law student. The nominee must have been in practice for at least 8 years. Preference will be given to AWL members, but membership is not a requirement.

Pro Bono Service Award
The Pro Bono Service Award recognizes individuals who have enhanced the human dignity of others by improving or delivering volunteer legal services to those who do not have the means to afford them. The following individuals or entities are eligible to receive this award: individual lawyers; any size law firm; government attorney offices; corporate law departments; other institutions in the legal profession. Preference will be given to AWL members, but membership is not a requirement.

Community Involvement Award
The Community Involvement Award recognizes an attorney who has demonstrated a dedication and commitment to exemplary public service and social responsibility throughout her career, both within the legal profession and in other public service roles. Nominees will have contributed in meaningful ways to society by giving back their time and resources in an effort to improve the lives of others.  Preference will be given to AWL members, but membership is not a requirement.

Founders Award
The Founders Award recognizes an AWL member who has significantly contributed to the advancement of women in the legal profession and whose career demonstrates dedication to the highest levels of professional ethics and excellence. The nominee must be an AWL member.

Nominations are accepted until July 28, 2023. Please submit your letter outlining your nominee and their service to Krista LaFave.

Award winners include:

Founders Award

Kristin M. Bergstrom

Shannon Braun

Karen Case
Kelly Centofanti
Diane Diel
Hon. Jean DiMotto

Hon. Hannah C. Dugan

Hon. Margo Kirchner
Hon. Mary Kuhnmuench
Susan Lovern
Hon. Jennine Sonntag

Hon. Mary Triggiano
Mary Wolverton

Community Involvement
Kathryn Barker
Wendy Bosworth
Laura Brenner
Hon. Jane Carroll
Susan Conwell
Catherine Doyle
Judith Drinka

Emily Fons

Hon. Janine Geske
Melissa Greipp
Hon. Joan Kessler
Maria Gonzalez Knavel
Hon. Mary Kuhnmuench
Bonnie Liss
Marquette University Legal Clinic
Maureen McGinnity
Jane Mulcahy
Lisa Nebauer
Kelly Noyes
Adrienne Olson
Erika Petty
Hon. Janet Protasiewicz
Tanya Salman
Marti Schreier-Wronski
Deborah Skurulsky
Jennine Sonntag
Marla Stephens
Mary Triggiano
Jennifer Van Kirk

Erin Binns
Gwen Connolly
Maggie Cook
Danae Davis
Ann Devine
Patty Engel
Terese Halfman
Beth Hanan
Anne Morgan Hlavacka
Sheila Heitzig
Catherine Priebe Hertzberg
Marsha Huff
Hon. Nancy Joseph
Hon. Mary Kuhnmuench
Beth Kushner
Cathy LaFleur
Elizabeth Mertz
Nicole Penegor
Susan Rosenberg
Elizabeth Ruthmansdorfer
Brenda Sunby
Hon. Mary Triggiano
Katherine Schill
Pam Schmidt
Jan Schroeder
Amy Seibel

AnnMarie Sylla

Mary Wolverton

Pro Bono
Colleen Ball
Charlotte Bleistein
Christy Brooks
Katherine Charlton
Hannah C. Dugan
Dean Howard Eisenberg
Robyn Elliott
Malinda Eskra
Meg Gaines
Hon. Patricia Gorence
Susan Gramling
Noleta Jansen
DeVonna Joy

Amanda Kerr

Michele LaVigne
Mary Leonard
Laurna Kinnel
Laura Gramling Perez
Katherine Maloney Perhach
Patricia Risser
Hon. Richard Sankovitz
Deborah Scheid
Debora Schneider
Susannah Camic Tahk
Mary Triggiano
Deanna Weiss
Kashoua Yang
Lynette Zigman
Molly Zillig

  • In 2004, a special service award was given to Krukowski & Costello for the firm's work on Women Judges’ Night.
  • In 2001, a special service award was given to Mary Wolverton for her work on the NCWBA Board.
  • In 1996, Margadette Demet received a lifetime achievement award in mentoring.
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